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Save space where you need it most with the CHARMCCI Vacuum Compression Storage Bags . This incredible storage solution allows you to easily vacuum-seal clothing, linens, drapery, and much more. Expertly protect your essentials and heirlooms from insects, mold, bad odors, and moisture while saving space at the same time.

Streamline Your Storage by the Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags

Perfect for safely vacuum-sealing seasonal clothing, special linens, or bulky textiles, the CHARMCCI compression bags not only protect your items,

but shrink them down approximately 80% for compact, stackable storage. Stay organized and effectively store your personal effects for long-term preservation.

Heavy-Duty Durability

The CHARMCCI storage bag set comes with a convenient hand pump that allows you to efficiently seal each bag to your desired compression. You can also hook the bags up to any standard vacuum cleaner hose for quicker sealing results. Featuring a heavy-duty valve that keeps the bags air tight over time, a thick plastic construction, and a double seal zipper.

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