Storage Box & Bins

Storage box,clothing living box,fabric storage box.

Trendy fashion, more convenient and practical, more space-saving, arbitrary storage of all kinds of clothing and other small items. Non-wovens, it is made of natural fiber by the latest technology processing, with a soft and breathable function of the new fiber products. Can effectively prevent all kinds of borer infestation, not easy to moisture, moth and mildew. But also easy to dismantle, can be flexible disassembly, do not take any space, so storage box make home life more convenient and comfortable, fresh and clean.

Main material of storage box & bins

non-woven fabric and non-woven film, cotton canvas, Oxford cloth, PU leather, non-woven fabric, sponge, fiberboard or cardboard.

Features of storage box & bins

1、As a stool, for shoe stool, pad stool use, can withstand the weight of 100KG;
2、As a storage box to use, the internal large capacity, can store debris, such as books and newspapers, footwear, children’s toys and other household daily debris;No hard and abrupt corners, the elderly and children are not easy to be bumped, soft material on the ground is not worn, set the practical and decorative in one, when the folder can be stored free, take up a small space.

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