Foldable storage box

Foldable storage box

Foldable Storage Box Cubes

Easily clean up the clutter with help from the Foldable Storage box Cubes. The versatile open-top bins provide a neatly tailored appearance and a functional design—perfect for a bedroom, craft room, kid’s play area, or office. Foldable Storage box offering ample storage space for everyday personal belongings.

Fabric Material

Made of durable fabric, the breathable, soft-to-the-touch cubes provide gentle yet reliable space for storing a variety of items. Stash anything from kids’ clothes, stuffed animals, and toys to bath linen or office supplies. The fabric cubes offer smooth, clean, stylish aesthetics for seamless coordinating with surrounding decor, and they can be wiped down with a cloth for easy cleaning as needed.

Collapsible for Compact Storage

Each storage cube provides a collapsible design. Simply fold the cube down flat for space-saving storage when not in use or when needing to transport.

Function as Pull-Out Drawers

When used with a storage-cube organizer (not included), the specially designed fabric cubes—with their sewn-in easy-to-grab handles—function like drawers, sliding in and pulling out for easy access to stored items. The lightweight open-top bins can also be pulled out completely for easy carrying from one location to another.

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