How to Choose the Best Storage Box ?

How to Choose the Best Storage Box ?

How to Choose the Best Storage Box ?

Whatever your storage needs are: there is a storage box to suit you and your home. Storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They are made from different materials such as plastic, fiberboard, cardboard, thick cotton fabric. Some storage boxes also double as a nifty seat that has storage space inside.

Some storage boxes can be used on their own and can fit under the desk, others have lids with latches, while other boxes can be designed to hold jewelry for quick access.Before you choose a storage box you need to ask yourself what are you going to use it for:

1.Will you be using the storage box indoors or outdoors or both?
2.Do you want a storage box that you can take away on holidays, to use on a boat, or for a camping trip?
3.What will you be storing in the box: lightweight materials like towels or sheets, or heavier items like books?
4.Are you looking for a colorful box to use for the kid’s playroom, to store their toys?
5.Whereabout in the house will you be keeping the box: In the office, kitchen, or bedroom?
6.Do you want a box that is stackable, collapsible, and reusable?
7.Do you need a storage box for moving from your house or apartment?
Once you have decided where you are going to use the storage box or boxes, you also need to consider what type of box you prefer or the material that the box will be made out of.

Types of Storage Boxes

There are 4 main types of storage boxes: Cardboard, Plastic, Fabric-covered, and Storage Seats.

Cardboard Storage Boxes

When you see the words “cardboard storage boxes” you may think of a box that is made out of flimsy material that will break open at the bottom as soon as you store heavy things inside.

However, these days cardboard storage boxes contain strong fiberboard and are designed to carry a lot of weight. They are made with double-layered fiberboard on the sides and bottom of the box for extra strength and durability.

Cardboard storage boxes come with comfortable easy to carry handles so that you can hold them or move them around with minimal effort. You can use them to store files or to pack your valuables when you are moving out of your house or apartment.

Some cardboard storage boxes do not need any packing tape as the lid fits tightly onto the box to keep your items stored securely inside. A good cardboard storage box is collapsible and reusable, which means that you can fold it down to a small flat pack size that it is ready to reassemble the next time you need it.The only downside of using a box that is made out of cardboard material is that you cannot get it wet. You have to be careful of how heavy the other boxes are if you want to stack the boxes on top of each other.

Plastic Storage Boxes

Plastic storage boxes are the perfect choice for keeping your valuables safe and secure. They are very versatile and are a great storage solution for your home, garage, or even when you are out and about on your boat or camping. They are made out of thick durable plastic and they have a securely fitting lid

Plastic storage boxes may come in a range of attractive colors. So you can buy a few in your favorite color or mix and match for a fun look in your kid’s playroom or bedroom.

You can even use a plastic storage box that doubles as a table in your living room. If you do not want anyone to know that it is a storage box, you could always cover the box with an attractive piece of fabric or tablecloth. No one will know that there is a storage box underneath.

Fabric-Covered Storage Cubes and Boxes

Fabric-covered storage boxes or cubes can be used as a display item as well as a handy storage solution. Many fabric-covered storage boxes are made from strong polyester canvas or durable polypropylene fabric that is waterproof and you can hand wash them. Some manufacturers give you a choice of different colors to match your decor.

Although they have fabric on the outside, the boxes are very sturdy due to the strong fiberboard underneath the fabric. They can carry up to 25lbs. You can use them to store a wide range of items such as books, wool, towels, strong winter clothes in the closet, as a toy basket for your kids in the playroom, and they can be stacked together on a shelf.

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